Spanx for men?

OMG, i read in Fitness magazine that they came out with a line of Spanx for men! I can’t imagine any guys wearing them. I will elaborate on this subject again soon. This is too funny.

In the June 2010 Fitness magazine page 22 there’s a small section that briefly talks about Dude Spanx!  It states that Spanx for men recently hit the department stores.  To be honest, i don’t think it will last that long in the market.  There was a poll, and the poll said 68% are horrified, and 32% say it’s about time.  Really, who would say “it’s about time”?  haha….  No guy i know would wear that.  Would you?

Oh, i forgot some of you don’t know what Spanx are.  Spanx are really popular with the ladies, because it helps hides bulges and bumps under sheer or very fitted clothing.  It gives smoothness.  Here are some sample pictures i got off the net.

Watch video link:

Spanx or ladies

Watch this video link:

Spanx for men

After watching the videos for the men, what do you think?  I really would love to hear some feed backs on this.


Male version of Ann - May 28, 2010 - 10:07 pm

I think guys will wear it for sure! I would personally never wear it, but I’m sure there is a market full of guys that have the same insecurities that have made the female spanx market successful…just. As a company, it didn’t cost them much to make new molds since they already had the equipment for making women’s. What I don’t get is….what are these guys gonna do if they bring a girl home?…”oh wait hunny lemme go to the bathroom and take off my clothes…”


Ann Ho - May 28, 2010 - 10:39 pm

OMG…”Male version of Ann”? hahaha…. You sure you wouldn’t wear them? I can see you in them. I might just get those for you….in a couple of years, that is. hahaa….Christopher, you look good. I don’t think you will ever need them 😉

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