May 27, 2010

Did some errands in the morning.  The weather is not so good today.  I tried to go to the post office by my house but it was lunch time so there was no parking.  Sucks!  I figure i’ll just go to the one by my work later today.  I still have to send out some swimsuits (PINKSTAR swimwear).  I’ve been waiting for  a response from a customer.  I’ve also been selling some of my old stuff on Ebay.  This started when i was hanging out with Bright Eyes and he was selling stuff he wasn’t using anymore.  It gave me the idea of getting rid of some shoes, clothes, handbags, and etc that i don’t use or care for, but can’t seem to let them go either.  🙂  I have sold so many things in the 2 weeks.  I’ve sold, my Chanel shoes, i think i wore once.  My Prada shoes that i don’t wear anymore.  My snake skin  Dolce & Gabbana shoes, that are a little too big for me, and my yellow Herve Leger dress that is too big for me also.  I also purchased some stuff from Ebay too.  Ebay is so awesome!

Well, did my errands and then headed to Valley Fair mall.  I parked at the MAC cosmetic entrance.  You know i have to stop by there.  I just can’t help it!!  I wanted to check out their new summer collection.  Very pretty stuff, but nothing i need right now or can use, so i headed right for Aritzia.  They were having a private sale,  20%-40%.  I couldn’t miss this one.  I was so happy to hear everything in the store was on sale.  Please read my “Aritiza” blog link to find out what i had purchased. 🙂

After Aritiza i went to Forever 21, my other favorite store.  I got a few stuff there also.  I never leave that store without buy something.  🙂  Then i was ready to leave the mall.  I had to go buy some lashes at Sally’s Beauty supply.  They were having a sale on those also.  My lucky day.  🙂  I got all of the lashes that they had in stock, and a curling iron.

Then drove to my office and cleaned some stuff up .  I reorganized my makeup/hair case.  Finally i’m putting the backpack to use.  I just love my Zuca cases.

After organizing everything i still had some extra time, so i decided to put my new curling iron to use.  I curled my hair.  Soon after Vy and her customer came, so they started on their trial run.  My trial with Valerie was at 6:30pm.  I continued to cleaning up.  Then Valerie came and i did her makeup trial.  Everything went great.  She left about 8pm and i went home, after packing up.  I have a wedding this Saturday in SF.

After that, it was bed time.  It was getting really late.  Anthony texted me the place we once saw on TV, called Salton Sea.  It once was a very popular vacation, location but now is ghost town.  Here are some pictures, but i will have another posting for the Salton Sea.


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