June 17th

I received a call from MAC pro card saying they can’t change my name without my old picture id and new picture id.  OMG, i can’t believe it is harder to do a name change with MAC than with  my credit cards and bank account.  What is wrong with them!  So freakin annoying!  Anyhow, i have to go buy myself some roller blades.  It will be fun to roller blade on Embarcadero.  I also have an appointment at 3pm for a trial run at my office.

Went to work but before that i did some errands.  Had to go pay my credit card and then was gonna got to sporting goods store but saw that next door there was a shoe store that was closing so i went in and found a pair of Reebok running shoes.  Then after that i went to the sport shop but they didn’t have the roller blades that i was looking for.  So, i went to work.  My trial with Christine went great.  We did a totally different hairstyle from what she originally had in mind.  She doesn’t wear alot of makeup and i thought the makeup looked great on her.  She just wasn’t sure about the lips.  After i was done i cleaned up and packed everything, since i have 2 weddings tomorrow.  Then went to Big 5 to see if they had my roller blades.  At Big 5 i found  the Everest fitness equipment boxes that i had done makeup and hair on, so i took pictures of those boxes.  Then i found the blades that i wanted.  I actually wanted red ones but they were out of red so i got the blue ones.  I can’t wait to use them.  I am so excited that i want to put them on now and roll around. 🙂


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