June 15

June 14 Monday- I had to run some errands for a few hours.  Went to Valley Fair mall to get some MAC makeup.  I wanted to get a few things from the summer collection, but they sold out of most of it.  I can’t believe i totally missed it all.  Well, i guess i don’t NEED it.  I just wanted it, because it was so pretty 😉  Oh well, next time.

Oh i also went by Tiffany’s and saw some really cute jewelry in the display window.  I saw some really cute rings.  I am sure i can get them made at the asian jewelry shops for alot cheaper so i just grabbed the brochure.   🙂

Then went home and that was my full day.  Didn’t do much.

June 15 Tuesday- I am starting to miss SS lots already.  When i leave for SoCal/Vegas it will be another hard week of us being apart, again.  I am sure i’ll have fun though, because Anthony and i always have fun together.  He will find ways to cheer me up, if i am down.  I can’t wait for this trip, but yet i am dreading the fact that i have to be away from SS.

Today i had 2 appointments.  One was an engagement makeup and hair for VanAnh.  She’s a very sweet girl, but doesn’t know what she wants.  I kinda have to decide for her.  But her shoot today is with Danny Dong.  One of my favorite photographers.  i’ve known Danny for many years and it’s always so good to work with him.  I can’t wait to see the pictures.  VanAnh won’t be using Danny for her wedding because he was booked already.  I think he tried to refer to Junshien. Which is another one of my favorites but Junshien was booked as well.  Good wedding vendors get booked up so fast.  You need to book about 1 year or so ahead.  Sounds crazy but it is so true!

After VanAnh, i had a consult with MaryAnn.  She’s in her 60’s and wants to take makeup classes.  I met with her so i can see if i can offer her the class or if she is better off without it.  So, i told her she looks great and does not need my class.  I don’t know why she thought she needed my class.  She looks great 🙂  I think she went home happy.  I don’t want to take her money and not be able to really help her.

Now i am home just working for a bit.  I called to ask about the cake decor classes and they offer those classes on Sundays, starting from July 11th.  The first course is from 10am-12pm on Sundays, for 4 weeks.  Then the second course will be Sundays from 12pm-2pm for 4 weeks and then 3rd course will be from 2pm-4pm for 4 weeks.  How the heck am i gonna be able to find time to do this.  I’m so sad right now.  🙁


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