June 12

To catch you up on a few missing dates:

June 9th Wednesday I went to lunch with B, Lily, and Steve at a vietnames buffet.  The food there is really good.  I wish they have such in California.  They had all sorts of viet food.  I tasted a little bit of each and it was really decent.   After lunch Steve had to go back to work.  Us girls decided to go shopping again.  B wanted to take me to a place where they had Forever 21, my favorite store 🙂  We shopped until Steve called to tell us to get home and pack to leave for Dallas.  So, we rushed home and got ready to leave.  We didn’t get there until about 9pm.  I called Surfer to come out to meet me for dinner.  I wanted to finally get to see him in person.  He got kinda lost for a bit but finally found his way to the restaurant.  When he got there i couldn’t even recognize him.  He looked so different.  I just knew it was him because he was the only white guy there and his height.  I guess illness can take a big toll on a person.  Anyways, we ate dinner at a separate table, so that i could get a chance to talk to him.  We chatted about his health and the situations he’s been in.  It’s funny, how i thought i would have much more to talk to him about, but then when i was there i had nothing to say or talk about.

After dinner Steve, B and i got a hotel (Holiday Inn) and stayed there for the night.  The road trip to Dallas was great.  I couldn’t stop laughing at Steve and B.  They are so funny together.  I was tired but i couldn’t sleep.  I called Anthony for a bit, but he was at the gym.  He wanted to call me back but i was tired and wanted to go to bed.

That night i had a bad dream.  I dreamt that i was in the car and i still had my braces on and somehow some of them were loose.  Well, at first one of the the braces fell off, then another, then a bunch fell off.  Then there was pressure on the back teeth, then all of a sudden i realized that my K-9 tooth was loose and then i spit it out.  Asian people believe that when you dream that a tooth fell out, it means that you will get bad news about someone you know, like death.  I have been worried about it.  I really pray that nothing happens to anyone i know. So scary!

June 10th Thursday and June 11th Friday Steve, B and i went to another place to eat banh cuon.  It was pretty good.  B and i bought some stuff at the gift shop and i showed her how to make paper cranes and stars.  It was fun.  Then after lunch i arranged for Surfer to pick me up.  We met at Texaco gas station and they left to go back to Houston.

Surfer and i went to the Galleria mall and i shopped while Surfer just waited around for me.  Then i felt like going swimming, so we left the mall.  I decided to find a hotel first before we went swimming, since it might get late.  So, he took me to the Embassy suites close by to his place.  I checked in and i thought it would be better to swim at the hotel instead, but when we got to the room i asked him if he would rather go swimming or would he rather go get a few drinks.  He said he would have to go get his swim stuff, so i said i’d rather get drinks then.  Our plan was to get some drinks and then dinner.  So, we went downstairs and had some margaritas.  I think we had 4 large margaritas.  Surfer is not very talkative at all.  He’s very calm and kinda quiet.  I realized that we had nothing in common.  It’s kinda sad.

Around 8pm SS called me.  He was coming back from dinner with his friends.  I had been missing him so much through our trip.  The time apart was hard.  I thought of him all the whole time.  Well, once i got on the phone i couldn’t get off.  Plus,i was starting to get so wasted and not sure what i was talking about.  SS and i ended up having a 2 hour conversation and Surfer and i never had dinner.  Surfer got mad at me and left.  He did come back to check up on me and took care of me.  It was very sweet of him to do such things.  He could of just left without saying anything and not even worry whether i was ok or not.  He’d gotten water and put it next to my bed and didn’t try to take advantage of me at all the whole time.  I give him lots of respect for this.

When i woke up i couldn’t remember what  i had talked about.  It’s crazy but i can’t really remember one thing about my conversations.  It was almost 12pm so i had to check out.  Surfer was kinda mad at me for dissing him the night before.  Since we were suppose to go to dinner and i just ended up being on the phone for hours.  My excuse was that i was drunk.  When Surfer saw me, he didn’t seem so mad anymore.  Maybe he’s too nice.  He didn’t say much about it anymore.  I checked out and we went to eat.  We went to cheesecake factory.  I had miso salmon and he had a burrito.  The burrito was HUGE!  After we ate we didn’t know what to do, so we went to Barnes and noble and we sat there for awhile, looking at magazines and reading books.  After that we walked around the mall.  I saw Forever 21 and i couldn’t resist shopping again.  I got quite a few things and then it was about time to leave to the airport.  Surfer drove me to the airport and we gave each other a hug and then i took off.  The wait at the airport wasn’t so bad.  i couldn’t wait to go home.  Everything ran on time.  I got back in SJ at about 10pm.  Came home and then checked my emails quickly and then went to bed.  I had an early wedding the next day.

June 12th Saturday- I couldn’t sleep and i had to wake up at 5am for Yen’s wedding.  Nhu and Kathy helped me for this event.  Everything went smoothly.  After we were done i went home and had to finish sending out emails and catching up on my work.  Though i was very tired i could not sleep.  I’m just weird like that.  Once i have woken up, i can not go back to sleep.

In the evening i had to go touchup Yen at Asian Pearl in Fremont.   It was such a hot day and it’s good that she had asked me to touchup.  I knew she would need it.  Everything went well.  After that, i did some errands and then went home and watch some movies and then got tired at about 10pm so i got ready for bed.  Tomorrow, SS will be back.  We can’t wait to see each other again, after a week. 🙂

June 13th Sunday- I had a trial run with Maysie at 12pm.  She is so sweet.  Maysie came to the appointment with her 2 kids.  Her 13 yr old daughter and 11 yr old son.  Her kids are mixed so they are so beautiful.  When i told her that, Maysie told me her son thinks i’m hot!  When she told me that, her son blushed and told her, she wasn’t suppose to say that.  It was so cute!  I have a 11 yr old, that has a crush on me. 🙂  Maysie loved her makeup and hair!  I can’t wait to see some of her pictures.


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