July 27th

Back track…..

July 21st,Wednesday- I was in SF for a shoot with one of my favorite fashion photographer, John Louie.  We were suppose to meet at he Cliff house, but i forgot to bring his number with me.  I had Anthony help me search for it, but we couldn’t find it.  I figured if i waited around, John would call me for not showing up.  So, i sat in my car and waited.  About 45mins later John called and said he’s been waiting for me and now has just left, since he didn’t see me.  I told him what had happened and he came back.  We met up and started shooting.  Here are some of the pictures from the shoot.

That evening i was suppose to have dinner with PC, but she had to reschedule it to Thursday.

July 22nd, Thursday– Did some work, went to the mall with Ly.  We tried to get birthday presents but couldn’t think of what to get.  Personally i hate thinking of presents to give.  I hate getting things that are random and not useful, so i tend to put alot of thought into it.  But then sometimes i just don’t have any ideas.   We ended up not getting the presents but i got a very cute dress from BeBe and some makeup at MAC.  That was the highlight of the day. hehe….

In the evening PC came to pick Ly and i up.  We had dinner at Cascal.  Dinner was great, since i haven’t seen PC for about 2 months and it’s always good to catch up or have girl time.  Seems like PC is doing well.  We ate and had a few drinks and went home.

July 23rd, Friday– I have another shoot with Kelly http://bayareapinups.blogspot.com/ for pin-up makeup and hair.  It was another great shoot.  She had a wonderful school teacher that wanted to do some pics for the first time.  The teacher was super sweet lady.  She had tons of props and she was very fun to talk to.

That evening i went to SF.  I went to watch Inception.  Wow! what a great movie.  I really want to watch it again to get the full understanding.  I think i understand it, but i’m just one of those people who like to really understand something.

In the movies i ate my big burger.  The movie was starting so i had to sneak the burger in. I’ve never had to sneak anything so i felt funny doing it. I was afraid the others would see me or would be able to smell it, so i waited until the lights were dimmed before i pulled it out of my purse.   It was kinda funny. hehe…

July 24th, Saturday–  I have Tina’s wedding to do today in Petaluma.  Jenny, Van and Nini were assisting today.  Jenny came to pick me up, since it’s better to carpool and i was in SF already.  Driving to the location Jenny and i had a great discussion on relationships.  I’m glad she is doing better now.  Jenny is a sweet girl and she deserves to be happier.

When we got there we started working.  Everything went very smoothly.  The bride and bridesmaids were happy with their hair and makeup.  It was a very relaxed party.  After we were done we went to have lunch.  I met Van’s boyfriend for the first time.  Lunch was good.  I had a big burger and chili fries.  The chili fries was huge so we had to share it.

On the ride home i was so tired and wanted to pass out, but didn’t.  When i got home i tried to take a nap but of course i couldn’t, but i guess laying down a bit always helps.

July 25th, Sunday– Japan town was awesome!  I have not been to this place since i was about 18 years old.  I remembered there was nothing there before.  The place was kinda dead and not many shops.  Now the place has many small gift shops, salons, and mini restaurants.  I had some ramen and then after went for some deserts.  I had an ice cream crepe.  YUM!!  one of my favorite deserts.  🙂  Then we walked around the plaza and i bought some cute earrings and some Hello Kitty stuff.  I want to bring Ly here.  She would love the gift shops.

July 26th, Monday- Ly wanted to go eat crawfish.  We knew we had to go about 30 mins earlier to wait in line.  The last time we went when it opened and there was a line already.  The wait was an hour long.  So, this time Ly and i went and waited in line for 30mins.  haha….When we sat down we were the first to be served.  I was starving!  We had our usual, crawfish, sweet potato fries, and oysters.

After we ate we went to Great Mall.  We shopped and then went home.

July 27th, Tuesday–  I i’ll be having lunch with Allison.  It’s been a few years since i’ve last seen her.  We’ve both been so busy and somehow don’t hang out with each other anymore.  There was a short period in time that we use to hang out all the time.  I would take her to these asian parties, that she wouldn’t be so interested in. haha…

I tried texting Alison but it was the wrong number.  Apparently she had called me the night before to confirm.  I never checked my messages.  I guess we will have to set for another date.  I can’t believe i’d missed her. I was looking forward to this meeting too.

In the evening i had a makeup trial with Lili.  Everything went well.  Sending her contracts tomorrow.  🙂


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