July 20th

July 17th, Saturday– I had 2 weddings today, Huong and VanAnh’s wedding.  Both were in the East Bay.  Van Anh’s wedding was early that morning.  She had another photographer on her wedding day.  She had tried to book Danny Dong, but Danny was already booked so she booked Danny for her engagement pictures.  They came out so pretty.  Danny always does wonderful work.

VanAnh and Khoa


I’m not sure how we ran late for on VanAnh’s wedding but we did.  That’s the first for me.  I am usually done on time of ahead of time.  Thank god everything fell into place though.  Cindy helped me with Huong’s wedding in Oakland also.  So, right after we were done with VanAnh’s wedding we rushed to Huong’s wedding.  It wasn’t too far away, so it worked great.  Huong’s wedding went very smoothly and she looked fabulous.  Huong’s really into “Sex in the City”  So her theme was very “Sex in the City”  Super cute!  She even has Carrie’s shoes.  The one Mr. Big proposed to Carrie in.  I can’t wait to show you their pictures.  🙂

When i was done with Huong’s wedding i went home and tried to rest but couldn’t really sleep.  My mom was cooking some grilled beef thing (vietnamese food), but the Obon Festival was happening today.  The Obon festival happens every year, down the street from my house so we always go.  It’s really fun, since everyone gets together and drinks lots of sakes and beer.  The food there is pretty good.  I love the corn.

So, after we ate some of my mom’s food we walked over to the Obon festival.  There we met up with the other people.  We dranks lots, and i was getting  buzz.  Then it was getting late so everyone decided to leave.  Andrew and Ly were going to Motif with their friends.  Vy, Angela and i decided to go to Molly’s and Zen lounge in Mtn. View.  We weren’t sure if some others would be able to get in since they weren’t wearing the right “clubbing outfits”.  First we went to Molly’s and had one drink, then Vy and them told us to go to Zen, so we met them outside.  Vy got all the guys in, that were dress inappropriately in.  I had a good time Zen though it was crowded and hot.  From standing out in the sun and drinking i was so tired so i left at 12am, the others stayed.

July 18th, Sunday- I woke up with a headache. It’s probably from all the drinking the night before.  I was going to meet up with Thuy for lunch.  When 12pm came around i met Thuy at Burger Joint.  First time i’ve been there.  The burger was ok.  I would eat there again.

After lunch i went back upstairs to take a shower and rested.  My headache had gone away after i ate.  Maybe i was just really hungry.  I barely ate anything the day before.  Then at 5pm I went to a 48hr SF  film contest thing.  It was pretty cool.  We watched the films that were nominated or won.  Alot of them were nicely done.

After, we went to dinner at Namu (Japanese restaurant).  The sushi there was ok.  I wouldn’t say the best.  I’ve had better sushi at other places.  It was getting really late and they were closing so we had to rush it a bit.

July 19th, Monday- Shooting with Antones Photography (Anthony Mata).  Anthony has been wanting to shoot my pictures since i’ve meet him in 2008.  I’ve just never consider myself as a model.  I would do it for fun, to get some cool pictures.  However, i get asked to model pretty often and sometimes it can be really fun.  Here are the pictures from our shoot.

July 20th, Tuesday- I’m going to SF tonight, since i have a shoot with John Louie tomorrow morning.  I can’t wait to do this shoot.  I already know the pictures will come out great.


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