July 12

Catch up time…..

July 2nd, Friday- This morning i had another pinup shoot with Kelly http://bayareapinups.blogspot.com/ After i was done i went home.  At home i got kinda bored so i decided to try on some makeup.  I haven’t worn red lipstick in a long time, since i’ve gotten much darker.  I didn’t think my tan would look good with the bright red lips.  I decided to give it a try, since bangs and red lips IS my signature look.  However, since i’ve started growing out my bangs i’ve not worn red lipstick. Here’s some pics of what red lipstick look like on my now.

That evening  i went to go eat with Mimi, her husband, Vy and Dave.  We met up at my house.  We went with Mimi and her husband to Santana Row to meet up with Vy and Dave.  When we got there we decided to go to Straits cafe.  I had to drop off my watch to get new batteries and still have not picked it up.  Mimi chose Straits because she’s pregnant and can’t eat alot of stuff, but they were closed for reconstruction.  We then decided to go to Left Bank instead.  Left Bank was pretty good.  We had lots of appetizers and a few drinks.  When the dinner part came, Mimi was not feeling very well so we all called it a night. Santana Row was packed that night.

July 3rd, Saturday– Finally, a Saturday off from work.  SS and i have been wanting to try out our rice buns.  He’s made it before but it wasn’t so great.  It didn’t hold up well, so i wanted to give it a try myself.  The result was great!  It tasted great and it held up well too.  I think it’s a hit 😉

By the time the mini party was over i was so tired and ready for bed.  Candace’s wedding was on Sunday.  I had to rest up for it.

July 4th, Sunday–  Got up at 8am to get ready to go to Candace’s wedding in Livermore.  It was such a hot day.  Nhu and Kathy assisted me today.   They both did a great job on everyone’s hair.  The photographer for Candace’s wedding was Lynn-Kai Chao This is the second time we’ve worked together.  His work is great.  I know i will be seeing him around alot more. I can’t wait to post some pics from Candace’s wedding.

After Candace’s wedding i went to my office, because i had another appointment with Huong.  She was coming in for a hair trial.  We didn’t do a hair trial for her on the makeup trial because we were waiting for her hair to grow a bit.  This happens alot with my brides’  Most brides don’t have extra long hair, so they would do their makeup trial first and then book me, then come in about a month or so before their wedding to get their hair trial done.

Huong’s hair was easy to do.  She loves Miley Cyrus’s hair at this years Oscars.

The only this is Huong’s hair is fine and she has straight stick asian hair.  We did our best to achieve Miley’s do and i think the results came out great.  She will look gorgeous on her wedding day. 🙂

After i was done with Huong’s trial i rushed home and finished my packing.  I walked to the cal train.  It was one of those days that was very warm in Mtn. View and was super cold in SF.  When i got to SF i was thankful that i as wearing a sweater.  I just can’t believe how cold it can be sometimes.   I always have to explain how hot it is, that why i’m dresses like that or why i don’t have a jacket with me. he..he…

July 5th, Monday– Woke up late, alarm didn’t go off.  We woke up from the knocking on the door.  We got ready and in the cab in 10 mins. I wasn’t fully awake and i dose off a bit on the plane.  The flight to Miami was good.

When we got off the plane it was about 3pm in Miami.  The weather wasn’t so good the first day.  We went to our hotel, Hilton Bentley.  We took a shower and then met up at a popular authentic Cuban restaurant.

After the Cuban restaurant we went sight seeing.  We went the DASH store and then to the beach.

After the beach, it was getting dark so we walked down the strip and found some places for drinks. While we were looking for a place we saw a cute dog hold a bucket.  I gave it a $1 but the owner told me to throw the money on the ground, so i did.  The dog picked it up and put it into the bucket.  What a smart dog!  I wish he was mine. <3 <3 <3

It was getting late and we were tired so we walked home after our last shots.  While walking home i saw a man that had a grasshopper on his shoulder.  At first i thought it was real, but it turns out it is made of coconut leafs.  He made me one for $3 and made Jen a rose.  You see the grasshopper on my head?

July 6th, Tuesday- This morning we had breakfast at News cafe.  Breakfast there is great!  After breakfast i was so excited to go to the beach.  I love the beach and hot weather.

At 2pm it was really sunny and hot so we stayed at the beach only for about an hour or so.  Then we shopping.  This trip i didn’t shop much because i was by myself and the guys of course didn’t want to shop.  I only bought a swimsuit and a sweater.  I guess it’s a good thing i didn’t get to shop.  After shopping we went back to the beach.  We took more fun pictures.

That evening after the beach we went to a nice restaurant, but it  was super dark at this place.  So dark it was hard for us to see the menu or our food.  The ambiance was good, but that was about it.  I ordered some chicken and it was so dry i had to eat it with my mojito.  I guess it’s a fast way to get drunk. haha…

After dinner we met up with my friend Mimi.  Mimi was there with her friends for a few days.  Mimi and i met the last time i was in Texas.   We met up at the first club but it was a weekday and we didn’t like the music there, so we decided to go to another club, Pink Lounge.  That wasn’t so great either, so we went to another one.  We were trying to find a nice club that plays Hip Hop.  The last one we went to was pretty good but it was too crowded.  It played a mixture of different music.  Of course the one songs i danced to was 80’s and hip hop.  Didn’t seem like anyone was having fun so i suggested we go somewhere else.   The music wasn’t good and the drinks sucked at all the places we went to.  Mimi hadn’t eaten so her stomach was not well, so we called it a night.

SS and i walked home on the beach.  It was so nice at the beach.  Weather was perfect and the moon was very pretty, the way it hits the water.  We sat at the beach for a bit and talked.  It was getting really late.  I think it was about 3am when we got back to our room.

July 7th, Wednesday– We went to eat Cuban sandwiches and then we went jet skiing.  Jet skiing was really fun, but it made me kind of nervous because i had a friend that died riding it.  I remember those days when i was ok with it and would ride it in the ocean in asia, where there was no rules.  I was crazy.

After sight seeing we went back to the hotel and got ready for dinner.  We dined at a very nice place.  The food and the service was excellent.  It was a Brazilian steak house.  They served different meats in 15 way.  It was great!  Everything about this place was great!  After dinner i wanted to go watch a movie.  We watched New Moon.

After the movie we walked around the shops a bit.  Then took the cab back to the hotel.

July 8th, Thursday- We tried to get up earlier so that the day would be longer.  We went to eat at a diner.  They had great breaksfast.  I wanted to take more funny pics of us. I love making funny faces. he…he…

After breakfast we went to rent mopeds.  We rode around and took pics.

We drove to coconut grove which was kinda far but it was good to see Miami.  We basically rode around all day.  We were hot an sweaty and felt gross. I was hyped to get to the ocean.  When we got to the beach we jumped right into the water.  It felt so good!  We were in the water for a long time.  We had a blast!  We could of stayed longer, if it wasn’t getting so late.  The sun was going down so we had to go get dinner.  We just love the water so much.

We went to Joe’s.  The food was GREAT!

We called it a night kinda early because the next day we had to catch the early flight back.  Our trip was so fast.  I wish we could of stayed there longer, but i had to go back for work on Saturday.

July 9th, Friday- I was so tired getting up.  Through the whole trip i slept so well, i could barely get out of bed.  Luckily we packed most of our stuff the night before.  We just had a few little things to pack and left for the airport.  Everything went smoothly and we were on the plane.  During the ride i dozed off a few times, but couldn’t completely sleep.  The flight seemed forevers.

Finally we landed in SFO.  When I got home i had to start working again.  I knew i had lots to do.

July 10th, Saturday- Got up early to do Lily’s wedding in Fremont.  Lily’s hair and makeup came out great!  Jasmine Wang was her photographer.  I worked with Jasmine since Ivory’s wedding.  Her work is very romantic and beautiful.   http://www.jasminewangphoto.com/blog/ I can’t wait to see Lily’s photos.  She looked fabulous.  Lily had booked me over a year ago because she was so afraid that i would get booked up.  How time flies by so fast.

When Lily was done her family was starting to come over.  Nhu and Nini had worked on the wedding party at another location.  It turned out well.  I had to rush out of there because i had another wedding to to at the Hays Mansion in SJ.

When i got to Hayes Manison, Nhu was already there to help out.  Nhu had some hairstyling to do.  Nhu did a beautiful french twist on a bridesmaid.  I loved it!    Might of been better than what i could do. hehe…  The bride, Ramy was so great to work with.  i remember the day she came into my studio for her trial.  I really liked her personality.  She is very outgoing and very fun to be with.  Someone you can have lots of fun with.  🙂  On her wedding day she was a little stressed but i think everything turned out well and her pictures came out great.  The photographer gave us a sneak peek.  I’m very excited to see them 😉  I stayed over 2 hours to help touchup Ramy.  By the time i was done i was so tired, i decided not to go to SF.

I went home and rested for a bit and then worked.  Ly came home at about 9pm and she was getting ready to go out so i asked her where she was going.  She asked if i wanted to go.  I haven’t been out with them for so long so i decided to go.  We went to Motif.   I haven’t seen alot of people for 3 months.  It was good to see some of them again.

Since i haven’t been out for so long, i got drunk after one drink on my regular Long Island. haha…  It was a good night.

July 11th, Sunday- Mom woke me up at 9am asking me if i wanted to go workout with her.  I couldn’t because I had to take the 10:15 train.   I had to meet up with my friend Thuy at 12pm.  Thuy and i have not seen each other for a few years.  We’ve known each other for over 10 years but we would lose touch and then get back in touch.  It’s always good to see her.  She still looks like a little girl. Very cute.  hehe….  We had a long lunch at Amici’s.

July 12th, Monday- I was suppose to have a shoot at 12pm but then she never confirmed so i emailed her to reschedule.   I also had another shoot with Mark O. (Digital Photo booth) at 6pm.  The shoot was fast and easy.  I love doing shoots like that.  I hate shoots that drag on.


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