Hair cut

When i got back from Vegas, i decided to get a hair cut.  My hair was always to tangly.  I was getting tired of it, so Ly and i went to get a haircut.  Ly decided that she wanted hers cut as well.  I just wanted more layers in my hair but keep the length.  Well, that didn’t happen.  What was i thinking!  I knew this was going to happen and i went and did it anyways.  I knew they were going to chop off my hair.  Now it’s gonna take me forevers to grow back the length.  They took off about 3 inches off, and i just wanted more layers!  OMG….

Some people think it’s cute and it definitely gave more volume in my hair.  I was wanting that volume but didn’t want the length.  I’m not getting another hair cute for at least 6 months now.  This sucks!


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