Cynthia and Kekoa Wedding picture slideshow

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Cynthia and Kekoa wedding picture slide show

Cynthia is one of those girls that doesn’t ever wear makeup.  It’s always hard to figure out what is a good medium for all types of customers, from the ladies that wear no makeup to ladies that don’t wear any.  I would have to discuss with them what i think is best and what they are comfortable with.  It’s because anything that is applied differently on their face would throw them off and they would usually not like it.  Somehow i always am able to convenience my customers that wear no makeup, or little makeup to apply ALOT more than what they are use to, and the ones that wear lots of makeup, in a certain way to change their style to what i think is best.  This is one of the best part of my job, is transforming my customers into a different person, that they’ve never seen before.  Of course in a good way.  🙂  I just love seeing the transformation.


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