Curling my hair

I bought a new curling iron!  I decided to test it out, like all my products.  I’d purchased the Helen of Troy, recommended by the sales person a Sally’s Beauty Supply.  In the past i’ve used Hot Tools or the cheap one at drugstores, Conair.  Conair ones are pretty decent but they don’t get  hot enough and don’t get hot fast.  It’s made for personal use, not professional use.  So, if you are a beginner, using Conair is safer.  I always use the 1  1/4″  It’s the prefect size for most hairstyles.  That’s what i’d used on my hair, in the pictures you see below.  Do keep in mind, my hair is very damaged, from perms and coloring.  My hair holds curls really well.  My hair might be a little curlier than what you’d like.  I just did this last minute and just for fun.  I will post better pictures when i redo this look, on another day.  🙂  Oh and please excuse my no makeup face.  😉

Picture of similar tool i’d used.  Oh btw, i like the metal golden ones, over ceramic irons.  To me, either one will dry and damage your hair.  Any type of heat or chemical to the hair, WILL damage it.  So, minus well get the right look while you’re at it.  hehehe…


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