I love this store!  The closest one is Valley Fair.  Sometimes i go to the one in Union Square in SF.  They basiclly have the same stuff though.  I have gotten really cute clothes there.  At first i started with just buying one tank top.  I chose a light blue color, since i figured it’s easy to match up with my other pieces.  Here, i have it matched with a bold colored belt and a light grey skirt.  But of course  i was so smart to cut off the skirt.  Yeah right!  hahaha….

Wilfred tanktop, in light blue

Then a few days later and came back and got it in black.  I figured black can be kinda boring, so i wore a neon yellow bra underneath, to give it some color.  I love neon colors!!!  Neon yellow has been one of my favorite colors since i was a child.  It makes me think, it can glow in the dark.  Maybe under black lights only.  🙂  I am so happy that neons are back in style!  Yayyyy 80’s!!!

Black Wilfred tanktop

After the black one i came back again and got floral one.  It was ordered from another store.  I got the matching skirt with it too.  I’ll post pictures of it, when i get them.  Then yesterday there was a private sale at Aritzia.  I couldn’t miss it, so i went after lunch.  I ended up getting 4 more of these tank tops.  I got it in red, peach, white, and a heather grey color.  I can’t wait to wear them!

At Aritzia, i also purchased 2 leather jackets.  I’ve been wanting to get a leather jacket there for awhile.  I ended up getting a grey one and a black one.  The grey one, Lyly can wear it also.  It’s a little shorter.  The styles are similar but the black is a little longer.  I was so tempted to buy the black motorcycle one also, but i had one a while back and threw it out.  Now that the motorcycle style is back in, i was tempted to get it, but i’m afraid it’ll go out of style and i will throw it out again.  Oh well….Sticking with basics is always good.  🙂


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